Head Coach Nick Hughes

Head Coach Nick Hughes discovered his passion for athletic competition early in life.
Nick made his start in swimming at the age of 9. His drive and commitment helped him achieve great success at state, national and pacific competitions.

At age 12 Coach Hughes started cross training to progress his athletic success. He joined the Eastern Districts Athletics Club and started training Muay Thai under Stephanie Curtiss in Adelaide.

At age 15 Coach Hughes transitioned from competitive swimming into rugby with Burnside Rugby Union Football Club.
During his 3 seasons playing rugby, he met Pawel Lagocki and started training Freestyle Wrestling and Greco Roman Wrestling in Adelaide.

From the age of 16, Coach Hughes travelled internationally, studying and competing in Wrestling.

At age 17, Nick joined a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) club in South Australia. Since 2008 he has been actively competing in BJJ, achieving success at state, national and at pan-pacific competitions.

At 18, Nick’s skills, experience and passion for Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu spurred him to begin his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career.

“At age 18 I started MMA training, putting together the skills which I had been learning since age 12. My new focus became linking Muay Thai, Wresting, and BJJ aspects together to build my MMA skills. I found a true passion for the analytical and strategic side of MMA.”   – Head Coach Nick Hughes

He took his first professional fight in 2010, and since has established a MMA record of 3 wins with 0 losses.

During his time as an active fighter, Nick began coaching MMA, Wrestling and Strength and Conditioning.

Coach Nick Hughes

“I found great purpose in providing students with dedicated technical guidance… …I began to further my independent research into the area of coaching including individual Athlete Analysis, Personality Identification, Learning Styles and Athletic Performance Psychology in order to further understand my role as a coach and improve my own performance in this field. My goal is to provide the athletes I work with the best learning opportunities available.”   – Head Coach Nick Hughes


Since 2012, Nick has coached many fighters to achieve and obtain success in the cage.

He has coached and cornered many  South Australian fighters, including fighters Mike Turner and Mae-Lin Leow.

As Head Coach for Trinity MMA, Nick Hughes is dedicated and committed to his students, athletes and fighters.
During his MMA career, Nick has continued to study, obtaining all Certificates for Sport & Recreation and Certificates, Masters and Diploma in Fitness.

Nick provides his expertise, knowledge and passion for MMA and coaching to help his students, athletes and fighters, achieve their goals.

Click here for a detailed list of Head Coach Nick Hughes’ athletic achievements.

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