Mike Turner – The Brace 2014 Light Heavyweight Champion

Congratulations to Trinity Fighter and Coach Mike “the Turnernator” Turner!
On Saturday night, Mike fought Conner Murphy for the Brace Light Heavyweight Championship. Mike won the fight, and is now enjoying a week of recovery.

Mike came to the academy on Monday to thank the Trinity MMA team for their help in preparing for this fight, and to show off his new Brace Championship belt. Head Coach Nick Hughes also took the time to thank the team, and to share some of the experiences from the event.

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Fighter Mike Turner Features on Brace Poster

Fighter Mike Turner was featured on one of the promotional posters Brace MMA Australia released last week. The poster is an action shot from his last fight, against opponent Sam Kei, earlier this year.

His next fight is for the Brace Light Heavyweight Championship, on the 22nd of November in Canberra. Mike will face fighter Connor Murphy for the title, on a stacked card featuring 6 title fights. Tickets are still available from Ticketek outlets.

The fight is a little under 6 weeks away. Mike Turner and Head Coach Nick Hughes are preparing for the biggest fight of Mike’s career. The Trinity MMA team is training hard and smart as the fight approaches.

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Join Us In September

September is a fantastic time to join us for training at Trinity MMA.

Coach Nick Hughes will be taking the team back to basics. Each class, during the month of September, we will focus on fundamental MMA skills. This presents a unique opportunity for new team members and beginners to mixed martial arts. It is a great time to get on board, and develop your essential MMA skills. September will be the time for experienced fighters to polish their fundamental BJJ, Striking, Wrestling and Cage Skills for MMA.

As always, Coach Nick Hughes tailors the training experience to those in attendance. His experience in MMA and coaching helps him to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as he provides individual feedback during each class.

Fighter Mike Turner will also be preparing for his Brace Light-Heavyweight Championship fight in Canberra, November 22nd.

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Celebrating Our First Month

July was an exciting month for Trinity MMA.
Trinity MMA opened for the first training session the 9th of July.
During July the progression of the team has been outstanding.

We also celebrated Head Coach Nick Hughes‘ birthday this week.

September is the beginning of fight camp for fighters competing at MMA Downunder.
Fighter Mike Turner also officially commenced his fight camp, preparing for his Brace Light Heavy-Weight Championship opportunity – November 22nd.

Thank you to the team for making it a fantastic month of progression and achievement.

If you are interested in more information about Trinity MMA please see our About page for club details.

Photo credit: Mae-Lin Leow