MMA in Adelaide – MMA Downunder 6

The Trinity MMA team is getting excited for this weekend.

MMA Downunder 6 is on this weekend in Adelaide. While none of the  Trinity members are fighting on the card, a few of the featured fighters for the event have trained at Trinity MMA to gain insight from Head Coach Nick Hughes, and to utilise our cage training facilities.  Head Coach Nick Hughes  will be in Anthony Bynoe’s corner as he faces Myles Simpson for the new MMA Downunder Lightweight Championship Belt.
FIGHT CARD: (as of August 29)

Anthony Bynoe (SA) vs Myles Simpson (SA) 70kg (Lightweight Championship Fight)

Micheal Fitzgerald (SA) vs Kym Robinson (SA) 93+kg

Sav Caruso (SA) vs Luke Howard (SA) 90kg

Jesse Medina (VIC) vs Jasper Jesson (QLD) 70kg

Brad Murray (SA) vs Yianni Alexiadis (SA) 77kg

Tony Caruso (SA) vs Mitchell O’Dowd (VIC) 84KG

Filipae Tago (NSW) vs Gregory Hearne (SA) 93+kg

Mark James (QLD) vs Jack Scudds (SA) 77kg

Dale Billett (QLD) vs Shane Mitchell (SA) 82KG

Jed McArthur-Bolton (SA) vs Nick Hillman (SA) 70kg

Jake Hearl (SA) vs Kieren Renouf (QLD) 61kg

James McGlashaw (VIC) vs Daniel Dufresne (SA) 70kg


It will be a fantastic night of fights!  Tickets are still available for the event through Ticketek.
We hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it down for the event you can follow Trinity MMA on Twitter for event results.

If you are preparing for a fight and would like to join us for training, or if you are interested in MMA and would like to try it out, please see our About page for details.


Who Are We?

Trinity MMA is a South Australian club committed to training and exploring Mixed Martial Arts in a dedicated, productive and positive environment. We believe that there are three equally important aspects of MMA (Striking, Grappling and Submissions). Coach Nick Hughes has designed his classes with the purpose of allowing his students to progress their skills in each specialist area while ensuring that a focus is kept on combining all three elements together. Our goal is to provide our students with a satisfying, challenging and fun training experience and allow them to develop the skills necessary for successfully competing in MMA if they choose.

When is training?

Our current training schedule is:

19:00 – 20:30 – MMA Class
20:30 – No-Gi BJJ for MMA

19:00 – 20:30 – MMA Class
20:30 – Wrestling for MMA

The above classes are both at our Universal Freestyle Fight Club (1/8 Jay Street, Pooraka) location.

On Saturdays, we also offer:

10:00 – 11:00 Cage Specific Skills
11:00 – 12:00 Cage Sparring

Both of these classes are based out of UMASAI Hillcrest location. Please contact one of our staff if you’d like to attend.

How much is it?

We charge $100 per month, due on the 1st day of each calender month. We also offer a one week introductory experience to new members.

What will I need?
If you wish to attend our classes for the first time, you will need to wear:

– Rashvest or T-shirt (Make sure it’s one that you don’t love too much but also please make sure it’s appropriately fitting and clean)
Shorts (No zips or studs please. Velcro/Elastic/Drawstring only)
– Mouthguard (MMA is a physical sport and this is to ensure your own safety)

At Trinity MMA, we are conscious of our role in the greater South Australian MMA community.

A photo pf the team from the first night of training

A photo of the team from the first night of training


Please contact us with any questions or feedback.